The Other Peters Principle

“The Peters Principle-take care to distinguish it from the less persuasive Peter Principle -provides that organizations cease to function effectively when employees spend more than 15.8 percent of their time attending meetings or writing memoranda.”

Tilting at windmills – meeting mania…review thine enemy…buppie taste…and other odds and ends

Washington Monthly, Feb, 1986, by Charles Peters.


Web 2.0 Vocabulary

In developing a presentation and a proposal centred around the idea of Web 2.0, I created a Wordle of terms associated-with / that-define Web 2.0:

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Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that the user provides. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. Words and concepts were derived from a number of sources. To make some words and concepts more prominent in the Wordle than others, I simply used my judgment to force increased frequency on terms and concepts that I thought were more important than others.

I would really appreciate any feedback on this – especially with respect to two questions:
1. Any complaints about the frequency / prominance of some terms? For example, is “Silverlight” too prominent? (I think it is). BTW: “Tim Berners-Lee” is prominent partly out of respect and partly because of his critique of Web 2.0 being nothing new.
2. Any obvious missing terms (and the corollary, terms that really shouldn’t be there)?

Here’s the source text for this.