Briefing Note Template

I’ve had several people ask me over the years for a briefing note template, so I’ve made this one available on Google Docs:

This template is based on the work in our White Paper #07-10-004 “The Briefing Process in British Columbia” by Colleen Cunningham and is modeled on a standard template used by the British Columbia Government.  The full Google Docs version contains comments that guide you through the completion of the document. (The preview does not show the guide comments). Further reference to our work on the briefing note can be found in White Paper #07-08-002 “Communication in the Policy Process” by Justin Longo. To order either of these publications (or anything else in our white paper series that can be found at, please send an email to

For some thoughts on writing the “Proposed Options” section of the briefing note, see this post on the topic. For an example of a recent briefing note ‘for decision’ in the Canadian federal government, see this recent post.


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