Policy Network Perspective Interviews – Statement of Informed Consent

This research addresses questions of how Web2.0 technology, applied internally in support of knowledge sharing and collaboration efforts in public sector settings is affecting the policy formulation process in the Government of the Province of British Columbia. This specific set of interviews is part of a case study of the Water Act Modernization Process. The following is a summary of the privacy and participant research ethics protections for interview participants. The full “Participant Consent Form”  is available at http://web.uvic.ca/~jlongo/group3consent2012.pdf and the “Application for Ethics Approval for Human Participant Research” can be found at http://jlphdcand.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/ethics-app-form-complete.pdf

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Interview Guide – The Policy Network Perspective

For the Water Act Modernization (WAM) Process case study, data collection centres on semi-structured interviews with key BC Government public service individuals (both active and former employees) who were involved in the WAM Process. The following is a rough guide to the areas I’d like to discuss in the interview. Though it reads as a series of questions, the format of the interview is a lot less structured than this implies. As a semi-structured interview format, the conversation will follow the paths that you are most interested to talk about. I am most interested in your perspective on the WAM Process, so the interview will follow how you see that process and focus on the aspects that you are most interested in. And when it comes to analyzing the interview transcripts, I’ll be taking what is called an inductive approach which centres on what the respondents add to the conversation, rather than focussing on the things that I might be looking for.

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