Use of GitHub in Public Administration in Canada: Consent Form

Use of GitHub in Public Administration: Open Collaboration in Code, Web and Prose

Short Consent Form (to be presented to Interview Participants prior to start of interview – interviewee to verbally affirm consent)

We are researchers in open governance working under the direction of Erik Johnston, professor in the School of Public Affairs and Director of the Center for Policy Informatics at Arizona State University. Along with research team members Justin Longo (post-doctoral fellow in open governance in the Center for Policy Informatics) and  Tanya Kelley (phd student in the School of Public Affairs), we are conducting research on the use of new collaborative tools in government, specifically the use of the GitHub platform for code development, website development and text document creation.

If you agree to participate in this interview, we estimate that it will take approximately 20 minutes. The interview will cover four topic areas: your general impressions of open collaboration and innovation in government; your thoughts on open governance; your reflections on the use of collaboration technology in the public sector; and your comments on the use of GitHub and similar vcs technologies as a tool for open collaboration.

Your participation in this study is voluntary. If you choose not to participate or to withdraw from the study at any time, there will be no penalty.

If you consent to participating in this interview, you have the right not to answer any question and to stop participation at any time.

There are no direct benefits to you or your organization from your participation. There are no foreseeable risks or discomforts as a result of your participation.

Your responses will be anonymous. All data will be reported in aggregate form and no personally identifiable information or personal data reported at any time. The results of this study may be used in reports, presentations, or publications but your name will not be used. Direct quotes, if used, will be anonymized and only used where the content cannot be used to identify the respondent.

My colleague Tanya and I will be taking notes during the interview as an aid to our analysis. These notes will remain in our secure possession until transferred immediately to secure encrypted computer files. Only the three members of the research team will have access to these notes. Your name will not be linked to these notes; instead, study codes will be used to protect your identity.

The interview will take place using web video technology <Skype, Google Hangout>.

If you have any questions concerning the research study, please contact the investigators: Erik Johnston <> or Justin Longo by email at or by phone at 480-744-6395. If you have any questions about your rights as a subject/participant in this research, or if you feel you have been placed at risk, you can contact the Chair of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board, through the ASU Office of Research Integrity and Assurance, at 480-965-6788.


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