Digitally Invisible – Pre-Test Interview Questions

Following the confirmation of the participant’s interest in being involved in the study, a brief research interview will be conducted with study participants to understand their perceptions and concerns with respect to privacy, obtrusiveness of the device, and their experiences as a homeless person. This interview will be conducted in the presence of the cooling center or homeless services support worker. The estimated amount of time required to participate in this component is 10 minutes for each interview participant.

Age:__________________                                                       Gender:____________________________

Do you currently consider yourself homeless?    □Yes        □No

Length of current episode of homelessness         ___________________________________

Where will you be sleeping tonight?    □Street                      □Vehicle                   □In a Camp              □In a Park                 □Motel/Hotel            □Temporarily with Family/ Friends                  □Other__________________________________          □Don’t know

Household Type:    □Single adult           □Couple without children      □Single parent w/children     □Two parents with children

Are you a veteran (US Armed Service or Activated National Guard/Reservist)  □Yes        □No

Are you able to eat regularly?                                  □Yes        □No

Have you ever felt discriminated against because you are homeless?                                 □Yes                          □No

Since you have been homeless, have you experienced any violence?                               □Yes                          □No

Do you have any medical problems?                      □Yes                          □No

What is the hardest part about being homeless?


What can be done to improve your current situation?


Digital Technology

Do you carry a cell phone?


Type (smartphone?)


Purpose or uses


Why not?

Would you carry one if provided to you?

Do you use a computer?


Where do you have access?

Do you use social media – Facebook? Twitter?

Do you have an email account?


Do you have a bank account?



Do you have a credit card?



iButton Questions

Do you have any concerns about carrying an iButton for a week?



Do you worry that your activity over the week will be tracked?



Will carrying an iButton over the week change what you do day-to-day?




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