Open Gov Lecture

I prepared this video lecture for the class 880 – Advanced Governance Analysis in the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Saskatchewan. My colleague Dionne Pohler teaches the class (I’ll be teaching it in May 2016) and invited me to talk about the transition from open government to open governance. So much easier to just say #opengov.

I review three articles in the lecture:

Coglianese, C. (2009). The transparency president? The Obama administration and open government. Governance, 22(4), 529-544.

Roy, J. (2014). Open Data and Open Governance in Canada: A Critical Examination of New Opportunities and Old Tensions. Future Internet, 6(3), 414-432.

Hartl, B., Hofmann, E., & Kirchler, E. (2015). Do we need rules for “what’s mine is yours”? Governance in collaborative consumption communities. Journal of Business Research.

Part 1 – 32 minutes:

Part 2 – 22 minutes:


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