About Justin

Justin Longo is an Associate Professor in the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Regina where he directs the Digital Governance Lab. He has a PhD in public policy and public administration from the University of Victoria (2013) where he researched the use of enterprise social collaboration platforms inside government policy analysis settings. Following postdoctoral work in open governance at Arizona State University and the GovLab@NYU (and continuing as an Associate Member of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance), he joined the University of Regina as the Cisco Research Chair in Digital Governance. His current research focuses on the social, organizational, and political implications of advancing technology. From the impact of the sharing economy on social and governance arrangements, to the unanticipated consequences of policy analytics and artificial intelligence, new ways of organizing work, and the evolving relationship between citizens and the state, the profound changes of the digital era provide the foundation for considering the trajectory of our shared future.

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During and prior to his doctoral work, Justin was the founder and principal of Whitehall Policy Inc. – a Victoria, BC-based public policy and technology consultancy. In that role, he led in the conceptual and UX/UI design of Digital Fishers, a science-oriented crowdsourcing project that sees volunteer, Internet-based, citizen scientists tag raw video collected from the NEPTUNE Canada cabled seafloor observatory. Justin also led the conceptual design and modelling for Climate Changers, an award-winning iOS app that links behavioural choices with understanding about climate change for middle school students. He was previously a civil servant in the British Columbia Government where he managed the province’s early sustainability and sustainable communities programs. These program initiatives followed from prior work by the province’s Commission on Resources and Environment where Justin worked in the 1990s. The Commission – under the direction of Stephen Owen – marked a turning point in BC towards sustainability, innovative governance, and citizen engagement.


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